Blonde Katrin Tequila fist fucks her French girlfriend Tiffany Doll

21 Sextury
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Anonymous 7 months ago
Videos like this help to educate viewers about an aspect of sex that is widely unknown &/or misunderstood. Many people think of "fisting" as something deviant or extreme, associating it with "BDSM" or fetish fringes. This misconception could be alleviated if it was referred to, understood, & practiced as vaginal massage/internal massage. It isn't JUST about putting your hand inside of the vagina. It's about making love to the vagina -- massaging & caressing it on the inside -- & maximizing the woman's pleasure. Technique matters! (And of course, the mouth, lips, & tongue are an integral part of making love to a vagina also.) The pleasure potential & orgasmic capacity of a woman's vagina is MUCH greater than most women ever realize! The vagina is by far the most pleasurable part of a woman's body (for the woman AND her partner). There is a much higher concentration of nerves in & around the vagina than anywhere else in the body, & these nerves are not just on the outside surface. For example, the "roots" of the clitoris go deep into the labial & vaginal tissue. Many orgasm points can only be stimulated from inside the vagina, such as the anterior clitoral "roots", the "G-spot", the "Skenes gland", the "A-spot" (anterior fornix), the side walls, & the posterior wall of the vagina. Many women also find gentle caressing & massaging of the cervix & the area around it to be extremely pleasurable. Massaging the mons pubis, the "U-spot" (meatus), the external parts of the clitoris, the labia/vulva, & the perineum is extremely arousing & produces spectacular orgasms as well. If done correctly, massaging the outside AND THE INSIDE of the vagina can take the sexual experience to a level of profound pleasure & intensity (for both parties) that can't be imagined until experienced. After the inside of the vagina is optimally stimulated & aroused, penis-in-vagina intercourse is much more intensely pleasurable & orgasmic (certainly for the woman, & even for the man). Many sexologists, & other experts who have specifically studied this, say that women have the capacity to experiece as many as 13 different kinds of orgasms. Virtually all women are capable of squirting/"ejaculating", & most of those who have had this experience say it is an incredible sensation -- like no other. Some women who are fortunate to have partners skilled at maximizing a woman's pleasure, actually experience such intense euphoric orgasms that they occasionally "pass out" (from the pleasure). Sex should be that good for all women! The more physical, mental, & emotional pleasure & fulfillment a woman gets from sex, the greater her desire, excitment, enthusiasm, & anticipation for sex will be. This then makes the whole sexual experience even more incredible. It can be a wonderful & perpetual cycle of pleasure. More videos demonstrating these concepts are needed. It could revolutionize "porn", & it could revolutionize sex for everyone!

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