Flamboyant beauty Remy LaCroix has passionate and vivid sex

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Anonymous 1 month ago
This girl does have an erection-inspiring pussy, and she's not shy with it. She cums more than the average girl in porn vids, and she does get wet. See some of her other videos. It is a shame that we didn't get to see more of her pussy in action in this vid. It sure looks and sounds like she came. So, her pussy would have been at its best.
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Anonymous 1 month ago
Apparently, the camera person was confused (or uninspired)! This is supposed to be "hard-core". (It's not classified as "soft-core", & we did EVENTUALLY see both male & female genitals engaged in penetration, & we saw the male cum shot.) BUT, for the first 6 minutes of an 8-minute video, we did NOT see ANY genitals (not even a brief glimpse) -- even though they were already engaged in sex when the video started. For the first 3 minutes & 18 seconds, the camera angle/position did not change. Apparently, he was doing some nice things to her pussy (& she was liking it), but we didn't get to see ANY details -- didn't even get a glance at her pussy. We did not get to see any of his mouth, tongue & finger action on her pussy. Part of the viewer experience in watching these videos is to experience the sex vicariously -- & the purpose of "hard-core" videos is to capture the most EXPLICIT, "graphic", "raw", intimate, intense visuals possible, in as much detail as possible. The viewers can't spread her pussy open, lick it, kiss it, suck it, finger it, or fuck her -- but the guy in the scene IS doing those things; & again, the point of filming, producing, distributing & selling these videos is to capture as much of the hot, explicit, "pornographic" details as possible -- FOR THE VIEWERS. (It's the difference between an "R-rated" sex scene & an "X-rated" sex scene. You've got to see the sex organs in action.)
These two did have pretty good sex, but the camera work was pathetic & frustrating for the majority of the scene. She is adorably sexy, & thus it would be wonderful to be able to see more of her vagina when it is being licked & fingered, when it is aroused & wet, & when it is being fucked. The best things about this video are that she apparently did have orgasms, & he re-entered her after he came (which is wonderful to do & wonderful to see).
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GAGA 2 years ago
the way that dude eats that juicy pussy is awesome!
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smith 2 years ago
can't stop watching her. and can't stop jerking.

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